Desktops for Sale in Show Low, AZ

Desktop computer tower for sale. Built on 61917, it has a Phanteks case with custom lighting kit, an amd 8350 4.2ghz 8 core processor, Msi 970 gaming motherboard, 6 gig EVGA 1060 sc video card, 32 gigs of ram, Thermaltake 280mm liquid cooling system, Thermaltake rgb 850 watt power supply, 240 gig solid state and a 2tb sold state hybrid drive. This computer will play most games and is vr ready. ...
Clearing out unused stuff for the New YearThe oldest part of this entire system is the hard drive at ten years old. That said, it was a stand alone hard drive purchased for over 1000.00 and was truly top of the line.Its Quad core processing speed far outweighs most new boxed sets that are being sold today.....and the monitor is a 24in flat screen HiDef that was purchased only a year ago.Whats i...
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